Bengali professional Mimi Chakraborty

Bengali  professional Actress MimiChakraborty Wiki chased down two drunk motorists after witnessing them run a guy over on VIP highway in Kolkata on Weekend.
Under a week back, Kolkata woke up to the tragic day whenever a young Air power standard, Corporal Abhimanyu Gaud, was mowed down by the speeding Audi car throughout a Republic Day parade rehearsal on Red Highway.
A similar incident occurred in Kolkata just as before this Sunday nights. An Indica car holding two drunk men struck a motor bike in the active portion of Teghoria on VIP highway, and then sped away with the rider of the motorcycle caught to its rims, dragging him till Lake Town (which is roughly 3 kilometers away).

Someplace in the traffic behind the fleeing Indica was the automobile of Bengali acting professional Mimi Chakraborty, who got witnessed the complete incident. The young professional, rather than choosing to remain out of trouble, asked her drivers to run after the Indica till it can stop.
When Mimi'…